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Affiliated to the ICSE Board from Preschool (Nursery) to Grade X, at Children’s Academy Group of Schools we endeavour to provide a progressive learning environment coupled with holistic development to our students. Our efforts aren’t to just guide the students through the academic curriculum of ICSE board, but to make them future-ready and capable of facing all challenges that modern life can throw at them.

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

Albert Einstein
Complying with the New Education Policy 2020 fundamentals ensuring a pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) of under 20:1 at each of the school branches. With a robust system of continuous formative/adaptive assessment, we are able to track the progress of every student and focus on each individual’s learning.

Learning beyond books

Knowledge gets obsolete over time. Our focus, hence, is on developing skills in our students, a broad spectrum of abilities that can equip them to be lifelong pursuers of learning. The skills we have identified for future-preparedness are communication, problem-solving (critical thinking & creativity), leadership, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, teamwork (collaboration) and more. Our classroom activities are geared towards establishing these skills in our students at an early age. Moreover, we carefully plan our lessons to ensure synergy in curriculum across all levels of education to reinforce these skills in the pupils as they grow.

Lesson Planning

We persevere to be consistent with the latest trends and research in education. Our team of Research Associates design learning experiences tailored to deliver the desirable learning outcome.
Our research associates then review and update lesson plans every year ensuring curricular integration and experiential learning through art, culture, sports, and more, which will enrich our students’ lives, ensure a seamless transition from pre-primary to primary to secondary, and promote the highest possible academic achievement pertaining to the ICSE board syllabus.
Moreover, our associates customize textbooks with in-depth chapters that provide our students with exposure to more subjects and enable greater flexibility.

Building a strong Learning Foundation

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At Budding Blossoms, the Pre-Primary section of Children’s Academy Group of Schools, we certainly recognize the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s school life. A lot of fun and play-based activities are infused into a carefully crafted curriculum to focus on each of these domains:

  • Physical Development >> Fine and Gross motor skills
  • Whole and small group games, Parachute Play, Free Time Activities, Music & Movement, outdoor play.
  • Language and Communication Development
  • Language Program, JAM sessions, Quality Circle Time, Object Talk, Picture Talk.
  • Cognitive Development
  • Numeracy, pre-coding activities, provocation activities, science experiments.
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Life skills, Mindfulness, following instructions, taking turns, cooking experiences.
  • Moral Development
  • Stories, making choices, class agreements, magic words.
  • Creative Development
  • Role play, learning centers, Enquiry and Creation, Free Expression
    We incorporate the best teaching learning practices from diverse pedagogies into our curriculum which caters to individual needs and learning styles of children. We thus have a fascinating mélange of modern developments in Early Childhood Education combined with traditional philosophies of several renowned national and international early years’ educationists.
Themes and topics are covered using methodology such as mapping, auditory podcasts, PPTs, videos, dramatization, puppetry, demonstrations, experiments and games. Self-directed learning through hands-on opportunities along with sensory based structured and unstructured experiences fuel their senses and instill in them self-confidence and independence. Thus an assortment of joyful activities are progressively integrated through play to achieve foundational literacy and numeracy. This offers children a platform to explore themselves, to evolve and to discover their core competencies. Having acquired key basic skills in the early years, the child transitions seamlessly into the primary grade and gradually imbibes the school ethos.

Defining Academic & Personality Framework

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One of the first few programs initiated in the Primary section is on the lines of ‘Vidyapravesh’ to bridge the gap between the Sr. KG and Grade I. The intent is to ensure that all children are exposed to a warm and welcoming environment when they enter Grade-I, leading to their smooth transition to the Primary section. This helps students in building their confidence and grasping new information efficiently while piquing their interest. We utilise our high quality inhouse resources for foundational literacy and numeracy and creative lesson planning by our team ensures the students remain engaged in the classrooms. Asking questions, teamwork and communicating thoughts and ideas clearly is encouraged through different projects and activities that incorporate the ICSE curriculum. Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Integrated learning that includes fun co-curriculars.
  • Experiential learning with scientific and mathematical activities.
  • Incorporating the Indian culture within educational learning (traditional dressing, celebration of important events, learning about different Indian states and their cuisines).
  • Language development through activities like debates, roleplays.
  • Coding programs.
  • Art and drama activities to encourage imagination and self-expression.
  • Sports activities like karate, yoga, etc. that help in development and adaptability
To extend the efforts of making grade transitions easy on pupils, we conduct programs for Language enhancement (LEAP/ YLE, Freedom Reading Program), Critical thinking (PETT & Open Door), Student leadership (Investiture Ceremony), competitive edge, theme based RF21, and more. These programs inculcate important skills in the students and add to their academic as well as personality development. At Children's Academy, we believe in raising emotionally, academically and physically healthy students. With the infrastructure our schools provide, sports and recreational activities are a vital part of a typical school day. Indoor-outdoor play area, auditorium, puppet theatre, Coding lab, Math lab, Language lab and other facilities expedite our endeavour of leaving no stone unturned in our students' comprehensive development and prepare them for the next grade.

Preparing for the future

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As the Secondary section becomes more academic-centric, we make it a priority to engage students in skill based learning, acquiring knowledge through practical applications, meaningful activities that hone their talents and instil empathy,to make responsible future global citizens. Lesson planning at Children’s Academy Group of Schools for Secondary section involves new methods to strengthen the concepts through artificial intelligence, gamification, design thinking, and more
Additionally, we host different skill-based and community-based clubs and international exchange programs that expose our students to character-building situations and inspirational people. Some of these clubs are: Coding Club, Citizenship Club, Nature Club, Heritage Club to help expand their understanding of the economy, technology, and social issues prevailing around them and also to consider their role in finding solutions to the community's concerns.
Children’s Academy Group of Schools possess state-of-the-art infrastructure, like the library, essential sports facilities, outdoor play area, auditorium, separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, a hygienic canteen, transport facility, music room, dance class, etc. thus allowing the all-round development of children.
The infrastructural facilities enable our students to look beyond the 2- dimensional books and apply their learnings into the real world, developing complete understanding of the ICSE curriculum.
Through inquiry based learning, collaborative and contemporary teaching methods facilitated by well-equipped classrooms, we help our students develop skills like:

  • Spiritual & Moral Development - Morning assemblies, value-based lesson plans
  • Indian Art & Culture - Virtual tours of museums, classical music & dance competitions.
  • Analytical Skills - Critical thinking projects, fact vs fiction activities.
  • Sports integrated learning - Essential sports infrastructure and Training, Fit India Movement.
  • Global Knowledge & Mobility - MUN, Online exchange programs.
These activities help students to truly grasp the essence of different concepts. The process of continuously reviewing a student’s progress through sustained research and regular assessment by educational experts, enables students in choosing their learning trajectories and programmes within the ICSE curriculum, in compliance with the board rules.
Thus helping students in choosing their own paths in life corresponding to their talents & interests, creates a reliable stepping stone towards senior secondary education and all their future endeavors.
We acknowledge that every child is unique and has his/her own set of skills and prowess. This is why the clubs and co-curricular activities listed below are more prominent in Secondary section students.

Co-Curricular Activities

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Learning and growing should be fun and education without activities is always incomplete. At Children’s Academy, we seek to develop the whole person through experiential learning at every educational level. Along with intellectual stimulation, our students are exposed to a judicious mix of co-scholastic pursuits to nurture their interests.

Skill-based & Fun activities

In a rare display of bubbling talent, our students recite poems and narrate stories, play roles through street plays, engage in MUN (Mock United Nations) sessions, and delve into our cultural heritage through State Darshans, Annual Days, and many more festivities!
Music, drama, and art are for the students who have a flair for the performing arts. The morning assemblies, yoga sessions, PT drills, sports, and games, cheer up the school environment and are intertwined to make education more meaningful.
JAM sessions, Animal Party, and Nature trail add a distinct flavour to the curriculum of our tiny tots. Thus, school life at Children’s Academy Group of Schools becomes an exciting and joyful journey for the students from start to end. You can check more details and photographs here.
Our children participate in elocution and recitation competitions, acting and singing competitions, debates, quizzes, and many more activities. Our aim, again, is to provide a base for the intrinsic talent of the students and provide them with the training necessary to take this talent to the next level.

Social Activities

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At Children’s Academy, we believe in creating responsible citizens and as they say, ‘Habits caught young, stay for a lifetime’. We consciously undertake several activities to introduce to our students the aspect of social awareness and social responsibility to build the strength of character. The approach is non-coercive and a participatory mode is adopted so that the learning is lasting. Our Academy boasts of an environment where the educator is respected for his/her expertise and is always available to help, encourage, clarify, and motivate whenever the student needs it. We believe that every student is unique, has his/her own inherent abilities that will bloom with the right mentorship. Our students are appreciated for their willingness to take responsibility, become involved, and work towards achieving their goals successfully.. We thrive in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We instil among the learners a deep-rooted pride in being Indian, not only in thought, but also in spirit, intellect and deeds. Through various learning activities, we help develop knowledge, skills, values, and dispositions that support responsible commitment towards the nation, human rights, sustainable development and living, and global well-being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen. We believe that if empowered, our students can change the world!


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Academic achievement, in accord with the ICSE curriculum, isn’t all that Children’s Academy is renowned for. At Children’s Academy, we aim to raise well-rounded individuals who can excel in various fields. When it comes to sports, our main aim when working with children is to begin developing their love for sports and extracurricular activities that they have an aptitude for. We believe that each child has an ingrained talent and our aim at Children’s Academy is to identify this talent, provide a base for it, help develop it, and help them succeed in whatever field they choose. Our result in the sports field speaks for itself. We can proudly say that our children have excelled at sports from the interschool to the National level. But sports are not the be all and end all of extra-curricular activities. The aptitude of some children lies elsewhere. Leadership skills, team spirit and discipline aren’t only learnt on the sports field. They can also be learnt on the dais and we have provisions for everyone.