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Our Heritage

Shri V. V. Bhat, lovingly and respectably called Bhat Sir, was born in 1930 in a small village near Udupi in Mangalore, Karnataka. The Bhats were a respectable family of educationists, known in those parts for their school, the Kadiyali Higher Primary School and Gundibail school, the latter of which was literally built by the family with their own hands.

Our Management

For more than two decades, Children’s Academy Group of Schools has been steered by Mr. Rohan Bhat and Mr. Rohit Bhat, sons of our founder – Late Shri. V.V. Bhat. An institution of the magnitude of Children’s Academy Group of Schools, required being in educationally sound hands, to keep up the quality of education and to live up to the faith thrusted upon it by students and parents. The Bhat duo, true educationists and visionaries, have been instrumental in the consistent growth of Children’s Academy Group of Schools.Today, being ably assisted by their spouses, Ms. Monica Bhat and Ms. Charlotte Bhat, functioning of the institution receives a much more professional touch. They look into the several minute details that affect the esteemed academy.

Our Team

Our vision has driven us to create an educationally inclined, organised structure where roles are well-defined. At Children’s Academy Group of Schools, our core team of subject matter experts chalk out a detailed plan for each academic year. The roles have been broadly categorised into Academic Board and Non-Academic Board for meticulous functioning of the institution.

Join Our Team

The Children’s Academy Group of Schools prides itself on mentoring next-generation teachers. We have moved from strength to strength over the last five decades to be one of the prestigious schools in Mumbai, so also in Maharashtra on many fronts. Our path-breaking ideology – quality over everything else – distinguishes Children’s Academy.

Our Clubs and Initiatives

We, at Children’s Academy, firmly believe that no education is complete without the students being made to feel for the less fortunate. We have always sought to inculcate a sense of selflessness and make efforts to provide an array of social service opportunities to our students. This helps to expand their understanding of the social issues prevailing around them and also consider their role in finding solutions to the community concerns.

Contributors to 50 years of excellence


VS Bagade

Responsible for the school’s early foray into athletics and boxing in the 70s. He worked with the school through the 70s, 80s and also briefly worked in the Ashok Nagar branch.

Rohila John

In 1983, the first of the Bhat siblings entered into the roster of the school’s staff after topping her college in B.Sc. This was Rohila John, Bhat Sir’s daughter, who took up teaching responsibilities at the Academy.

Mr. Varaprath Mukundan

The backbone of the Children’s Academy Group of Schools for many a year. Out of the 50 years, the school has existed, Mr. Mukhundan has been with the school for years in various capacities.

Codes & Policies